Packing for a trip is just about my least favorite job. This time, as I was packing for my parents’ home in Arkansas, I tried to keep in mind that I should be thrilled to be packing. It meant I was leaving for a trip to see my Mom, who I’ve pined over for months!

So, to lift my anxiety about doing a 14 hour road trip with our four littles, I tried to do a few things….

1. Pray. That God would give us safety and help us to have a fun trip.

2. Let the kids pick three or four special small toys for the trip.

3. Dug out the MATCHING sticker books.

4. Picked out a few movies we could handle listening to.

5. Packed a SEPARATE overnight bag.

6. Kept Lexie’s bottles, food, extra paci and diapers in a small gift bag directly behind my seat.

7. Grabbed all the Bible story CD’s and Psalty praise tapes I could find

8. Packed juice boxes and some favorite healthy snacks

9. Grabbed the newspaper for Mike

10. Packed light enough that we were forced to do laundry while we were there.

The most important step turned out to be prayer.

Because right after we drove past this phenomenal piece of architecture….it started raining cats and dogs.

BUT not before we heard Brendan say, “Gabi, we should NEVER NEVER touch the arch. It is very sharp.”

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