I can NOT post picutres this morning.
So, you can just have a recap of yesterday.

Wake up, quiet time, breakfast, grab samples and lipsticks and put together orders, pack beach gear and lunches, drop off orders in nearby town, head to the beach, sit for HOURS with friends and let kids play, haul gear back to the car (worst part of going to the beach), put kids down for a rest, nobody slept, make dinner, wrap presents and head to double bridal shower, enjoy said shower, head home, crash on the couch and watch Discovery Channel.

It was a great day. Today is almost identical except we have Speech Therapy, swimming lessons, a lipstick appointment, and dinner with Mike’s parents.

Who said summers were slow?
More as soon as I can post pictures.

Praise and Glory to our Lord, today, for His goodness, kindness, and faithfulness

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