Lexie Beth has forsaken crawling. She is now toddling about 75% of the time, but it still surprises me every time I see her upright. She is darling and spirited, and about the most similar to Curious George of any child I’ve EVER met.
This is Lexie inspecting some of the tomatoes “Little Grandma” and I washed for canning. That’s a cute little Romas in her hands.This is Lexie putting down the fifth or sixth tomato she’d taste tested for quality. It was difficult to not laugh when I was taking the pot away from her and she broke down in hysterics. But THERE WERE bite marks in far too many tomatoes to allow her to keep up the process. She’s such a helper.
Here the finished product. 12 quarts of tomatoes, half of them are juice and half are whole stewed. Yum!

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