I am so sorry. I hate having been neglectful for weeks on end. The truth is life has felt a little like the picture above. Paradise, in the middle of an onslaught of storms. Winds kicked up and storms brewing. Actually, this is Poipu Beach on Kauai. The signs says, “Caution, Falling Coconuts” and it happens to be a great reminder for me of the dangers of life on the beach.

Could someone please giggle with me?

For a short update…with promises for greater faithfulness in the weeks ahead.

Brendan’s Christmas program is tonight. He is an angel and he is WAY excited. Way. He is singing and dancing and jumping and WAY excited. I’m interested to see how he does with being home from school for two weeks. He is sharp as a tack…reading very quickly and very well….Beth gave him the complete collection of Curious George books (in one hard bound edition) for Christmas and now I’m wondering why bother with a trip to the library. *wink* Brendan and Gabi always dash straight to the Northeast corner of the kid’s section and scoot the stools over and climb to the Curious George section….

Gabriella had an appointment with a new Speech Pathologist for a complete evaluation yesterday. She did exceptionally well. They scored her well above average in receptive language and that just eased this Mama’s mind. There are so many things you don’t know or wonder about when your child has speech issues, and this is one concern that could be put to bed. Praise you and thank you, Jesus. Gabi has an MRI and will be sedated on Monday morning, and an appointment with an Apraxia specialist in Detroit on January 7th. It is a busy time, but I can only offer up thanksgiving that answers are coming. I feel like we are making SIGNIFICANT progress here at home and she is just eager to work through her *homework.*

LexieBeth is driving now…..just kidding. Seriously, the girl is 15 months going on 16 years old. She is exceptional in every way, including exceptionally dramatic. She has broken about 10 of her Meema’s ornaments—so I have not put one on our tree. Just white lights this year. No presents under the tree….they have to wait until Christmas morning….and then they’ll experience the onslaught sent from Texas, Arkansas, and Colorado. My family is insane. They are all being sent to present rehab in the New Year.

Mike is doing well. Work is always a challenge as he tries hard to manage the water distribution during freezing temperatures. He is praising the Lord for new boots rated for 30 below and a new pair of waterproof Carhart’s. His new gear has been SUCH a blessing already. Mike is home throughout the day on and off for his clothes to be put through the dryer and to put on some new dry apparel. I can’t imagine working with water in some of the freezing conditions that he does….I honestly thank God for his willingness to serve our family by working. He’s in our close friends’, Calvin and Megan, wedding on the 27th. Gabi is their flower girl and Bubbs is their ring bearer. We are so excited to be a part.

What else? I have about 100 posts in the making and a desire to spend some time writing, but this season lulls me into cups of coffee and quiet moments. I pray today you find one of those….as one friend tells me, “The world yells and Jesus whispers.”

Let’s not miss the whisper of the babe in the manger.

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