One of my favorite adoption blogs, Spirit of Adoption, wrote a post (linking her husband’s blog which is also WONDERFUL) about this issue. The tax credit many of us have received towards adoption expenses is set to expire this year.
I want you to know that NO ONE adopts to receive this tax credit. This is only a credit for money spent during the process. You spend $300…you get a $300 credit, you spend over $30,000-*ahem*, you still only get $12,000. Actually, 3 years ago the credit was $10,000 so that’s the number we worked with….
If you are an adoptive parent you know the benefits of this credit and should contact your Representatives, and if you are not an adoptive parent, but have ever thought adoption was used by God and should be supported **double AHEM**, then you should call or write too.
Please GO read the link. This is important to me and to the future of adoption in the U.S..

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