Football in the snow-Broken Nose
Basketball with Middle Schoolers-Broken Nose
Dodge Ball with Boy’s Club-Torn ACL

I hearby declare youth ministry dangerous to my husband’s health. But if you spread those out over the 11 years we’ve gotten to work with students of all ages, it figures into only one major injury every 3.5 years. *wink*

In the beginning of January, Mike hurt his right knee playing Dodgeball. It has taken a few weeks to sort through what happened (MRI) and get into the right doctor. So, here we stand at the cusp of a knee surgery that will bench Mike for a month and then healing time and some physical therapy.

That surgery will be Friday morning.

Another opportunity to trust. Remember yesterday? Standing on the edge and knowing that I can’t, but God IN ME-CAN DO ANYTHING.

Yea. Believing that, again today. We’d covet prayers for Mike’s healing and a sucessful surgery.

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