Veteran’s Day.

Today is a day to reflect, isn’t it? This country affords its citizens the right to both honor and dishonor whatever they wish with as much gusto as we choose. How many do that? And how did I get here, Lord, instead of somewhere else?
On these days when there are flags proudly posted every 20 feet in our small town, I am grateful for the freedom to drive where I wish without papers or permission. I have been to a country that denied its citizens and me that right that I take for granted.
On a sunny Monday in May, when my friends get together to kick off the opening of the sand dunes to off road vehicles and we say hello to summer, I remember those who gave their lives to protect mine.
Those sticky July 4th’s when I gather at the edge of our small, beautiful lake in the center of town and watch my kids dance to the band, and we stare collectively at the sky for the glimmers to come, I am grateful for founding fathers who wished they had more than one life to give for their country. Who says that anymore?
These chilly fall days when we hang out our flags and thank our parents, uncles, friends, and neighbors for their fight, I give my honor.
AND I want to choke the days that I see great dishonor to people who fight to protect us, hear stories of people sneering and spitting on heroes. I’ll just be honest. I prefer they didn’t have the right to bring ugly signs to funerals of brave soldiers. Or burn a flag that I pledge allegiance to.
I hate clichés. But I can’t stop help myself. I’m so dog gone grateful for the right to speak freely, worship openly, share without fear. And I pray with everything in me that God continues to protect this country. And that we will boldly be the launch pad for true freedom. The freedom that Christ gives to EVERY captive bound by chains, or threats, or pain, or just themselves.
Let freedom ring, Lord.
May I be the brave in the land that I love and hold out your truth to those you want freed.

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