For quite some time now, two of these three angels have bickered.
And I mean pick, pick, pick.
Never good enough for each other, never quick enough, never kind enough.
Grumpy, don’t mess up my stuff, bad attitudes.

And as a mom, it not only drives me bonkers, it breaks my heart.
I find myself saying to them over and over that this is not how


Love makes sure there is a long fuse and a slow burn.
Love seeks to encourage and engage warmly
Love deals softly with feelings and words spoken.
Love isn’t jealous of time or things
Love doesn’t say I’m the best
It isn’t snide
It puts itself after the others.
It doesn’t jump at a chance to be upset.
And it doesn’t keep score.
Love doesn’t jump up and down when another gets what’s coming.
It rejoices in good decisions.
It always fights for others.
It always gives another chance.
It always expects the best from another.
It always has faith.
And Love always tries again.

But best of all
Jesus says it will never fail us.

Loving will always work out for us.
Maybe not right away, but love always wins.

It’s always MY turn to love.

Maybe this isn’t just a lesson for the kids afterall.

(1cor 14)

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