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Revival?  Like a tent meeting?

The image that comes to most American’s minds when we discuss revival has some warped picture of large scale, deeply suth-un (liberally apply accent), active shouting, white tent meetings that lasted about a week.
I don’t want to knock the efforts of those involved in the tent meetings, but that is not the kind of revival I am talking about.  This is not a week of meetings.
Another image that might spring to mind is one of widespread weeping, jubilation, perhaps riotous laughter, and other emotionally extravagent behavior.  Revival is not an emotional takeover, it is, at its core, a TOTAL TAKEOVER.
Perhaps to begin, as one of my sweetest mentors does, with a definition.  A working definition, if you will.

Revival is a satisfied longing for God’s presence and power, evidenced by a NEW working of the Spirit.

This begs the question, “How would your life be different if you were CONVINCED of God’s presence and power?”


“What fresh work might He do?”

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