When God leads it may feel more like a subtle current than the rushing of a wave.  

This is precisely how I would describe the theme to the summer. God moving me along from one lesson to the next without a clearly determinable path or string of connecting the points.
In April of this year, I was asked to lead a workshop at a local women’s retreat.  One hour on some undetermined topic to which I agreed.  An hour.  *Shrug*  An hour is…well, let’s just say for a talker/teacher an hour is a blink. I agreed and then stewed for a few months.  
“Lord, how would you like me to spend this hour of our time?  Is there a topic YOU want me to cover?  Bible study?  Word study?  Workshop on juggling?”  Naw, not juggling.  I can’t juggle, anyway.
And so it began.  The listening for some detectable leading.  And for months, I had nothing.
I read a book about the Holy Spirit.  It was wonderful.
I lead a Bible Study through Esther.  It was great, too.
We walked beside some of the bravest souls I’ve ever known.  Cried buckets of tears, begged God for physical healing, and walked humbly before Him as I processed a phenomenon I’d never known before.  
NO WORDS.  Nothing that could be said to make life all better.  No wisdom except the Lord’s.  No words.
It had been a quiet, quiet season.  
I don’t want to misrepresent, though.  The Lord and I still enjoyed our time together each day.  I sensed His presence powerfully, and mightily.  He answered prayers, gave vision and direction for other facets of life, but in the back of my mind, tucked away, there was an hour long workshop that had NO direction.
This quiet spot is where the cord finally began to weave.  A time of prayer.  Listening.  And finally ONE scripture.

“My soul cleaves to the dust; revive me according to your word.”  Psalm 119:25.

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