Hi!  Farm boy writting today.  The snow is on the ground here, but not much of it.  I have had about eight months to think about this post and am just getting around to writing it.

A couple of years ago we built a new barn.  Primary purpose???  Storage– well actually, LITTER storage.  Does that sound cleaner than “manure” storage?

This allows us to keep nearly a year’s worth of litter until we can spread it in the spring.  Which is really nice — unless it IS spring.  Then there are many, Many, MANY Semi truck loads to haul and spread.

Around May 10th, we were in a hurry to finish cleaning out the barn.  I was on my third load of the day hauling to our farthest field away.  I was hot.  I reached for the air conditioning to turn it on.  A couple minutes later I realized the air coming out was hot!  Noooo!!!

I’m hot, sweatty, smell like the wrong end of  an animal, and can’t get some nice cool air?  This is going to be a long day. 

Maybe it will cool off the cab a little if I leave it on.


The next time I pulled out of the farm I decided to use the more natural approach to cooling off.


I had not gone 100 yards when the most amazing smell filled the cab.  The lilacs were in bloom!!!  One of God’s most fragrant, sweet smelling plants.  A few minutes later I smelled another group of them.  What a beautiful relief from the foul smell I had been experiencing.

Within a couple of miles there was a man cutting grass with his mower.  In drifted the scent of fresh cut grass.  Then came another batch of lilacs.  How refreshing.

In those brief moments my day had been changed from slightly-annoyed and forgettable to one of my favorite days to think back on.

Many times I am the one whose attitude is poor.  My critical spirit leaves an odor much worse than turkey poop.

God, make me a pleasant person to be around.  I want to brighten peoples day like the fragrance of lilacs in the early part of May.  Help me leave smiles in my wake.

“For we are a fragance of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among thoe who are perishing.” 2 Cor. 2:15

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