She bowed her head and began to pray, the same version of the prayers I had heard for the last few weeks.

Dear God, Thank you for this day. Please keep Daddy safe at work today. When we go to school, please help us to have a good day and keep us safe. Thank you for Mommy. Keep her safe today here at home….

Safe. Safe. Safe.

I could hear it in her tone, and in the repetition of her words. Fear had taken hold of her precious little, seven year old heart, and was making itself at home there, even unpacking its nasty bags. As I reflected on the condition of her heart and the delicate tending that needed to happen, the Holy Spirit nudged me in the most convicting way.

Lee, she’s praying the same safe script that you have praying. ‘Keep them, safe, Lord.’ What ever happened to brave prayers?

Per usual, when the Holy Spirit points out truth, He was right.

I used to pray these great big hero prayers for my children. Ones that begged God to let them be warriors in His kingdom, filled with boldness, defiant of fear, and willing to live lives poured out for His glory and the salvation of others. I had asked daily for their salvation, until they had entrusted their lives to Him, but now, the prayers for them to be bold were melting away.

Somewhere along the way, fear had snuck in and whispered to my heart, “If your kids are warriors, that means they will see war. People get hurt in war. There are enemies in war, and sometimes soldiers never come home. Are you sure that’s what you want?” And my brave Mama resolve slipped to the floor.

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